High School Dresscode

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Not many students are going to agree with a high school’s dress code policy, unless of course the dress code is no dress code. The issue of students wearing clothing that are outside of the dress code regulations is clearly an everyday kind of thing. By this point most would think that the administrative offices would have tried to do something to ease up the regulations, or at least find a better way to go about the situation when a student is dress coded. As cliché as it is, shouldn’t teachers and administrators be more concerned about our education than the clothing we wear? Yes, I do understand that the policy was written with good intentions; to keep students dressed in a manner that will represent the school well and also keep students focused on their learning not on how short the girl’s shorts are in the seat in front of them, but certain rules have gone to an unnecessary extent. For one, there’s no way possible to catch every single student that is out of dress code. Therefore, the policy isn’t always being enforced. There are students that may go a whole school day without being caught, but did this student do any harm to his or herself, or any other students? Besides the fact that it has probably highly upset a few girls that did get dress coded this morning for their black leggings that look almost like stretchy jeans because their cardigan was just a few inches too short, or because the shirt they were wearing under the cardigan wasn’t in dress code. While the girl wearing pink and white striped leggings and a t-shirt has made it all the way to eighth period without getting caught. The matter of it actually distracting or doing any harm to anyone is a false statement. Being dress coded and having to wait outside of class until someone is able to bring you clothes, or being put in ISS for not being in dress code has proven to do more harm to an
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