Cons of School Uniforms

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Landon Stewart Mrs. Luker Government A4 10/23/12 Cons of School Uniforms There are many schools in the U.S. that require their students to wear uniforms, and there are more that don't. I believe that school uniforms should not be required for a few reasons. Uniforms take away from a person's individual identity and freedom to express himself or herself. They can be costly to people depending on a family’s financial status. School uniforms can also be a very uncomfortable fashion that students would not take a liking to. They also won’t be the “quick fix” that many people think they are. The first reason uniforms should not be required is that most schools across the country believe uniforms take away from an individual’s identity, so they don't require their students wear them. In today's world a person’s identity and having a good sense of self is important to the diversity that Americans have shown in the past. In schools that require uniforms the student body all look like the same person, very bland and boring people. This is not what American society is; we are casual dressing, diverse people. Dressing casually and showing diversity in our fashion is the best way to recognize students as individual people, showing our American culture – not as part of "those people." Though some may argue that some students dress sloppily or immodestly, most districts have dress codes that students do have to follow, which helps this. Although, most students do take pride in themselves and strive to look nice in a variety of clothing, dressing even quite formally sometimes, because they want to look good, and it makes them feel good about themselves. They don’t need a uniform for that. Another reason for opposing uniforms is everyone, especially youth, like to be comfortable while having to sit still for an elongated period of time. When kids are uncomfortable in

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