Dress Code Essay

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Marvin Workman Dress Code are necessary in promoting learning and can help curb school related violence. Dress codes in schools are controversial; some people agree with school uniforms, others prefer a tone down look due to the gang violence that can be associated with some of the clothing. Some people disagree with a dress code because of the added expense on parents and not agreeing with, “what you wear” having a negative effect on learning. As a parent with kids in schools and have been to public schools, I’m a firm believer that either toned down, or uniform look is essential for improving education and decreasing school violence. Student fashion plays a major role in expressing oneself and feeling comfortable. When you wake for school in the morning, you wear clothes you like the most. Today, people have to ability to customize their clothes which can be creative or offensive to other students. According to www.buzzle.com , “Some of the noteworthy school uniform statistics in the U.S. have reported a reduction in violence and sexual offenses in US schools and colleges” (Pandy 2010). When students have less focus on what another student have on then they focus more on school work. Schools can even implement a dress down day, based on grades and behavior a student who earn the privileged to wear regular cloths, can one day of week. Even with the statistics of schools with decreased violence due to having a dress code or uniforms, some would say that dress codes don’t make a difference. One of the reasons opposing students and parents are against a dress code or uniforms are that students can’t express their selves with clothing. Parent and other dress code opponents also have concerns with the cost of uniforms, one rebuttal to that is students can adopt a uniform look but not necessarily uniforms. Another issue when trying to regulate the dress
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