Uniforms Rule Essay

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“Uniforms Rule” by Pat Wingert talks about some advantages and disadvantages of uniform and how that affects school safety and student’s behavior. As in article, uniforms affect students in so many good and bad ways. As educators, researchers, and experts think of dress code and uniform as very useful school system which can solve so many problems that school is facing today, students tend to respond as their freedom and rights are violated. I agree with them because for the students to accept uniforms it may take some time. I think if all school has uniforms system than students will more focus on study not on fashion. Everyone have their own points of view. For example, as it mentions on article that some believe on students can wear whatever they want because they believe that will help them to get some information. Also they can easily communicate with the other students. I think in some points dress code is the best way not to discrimination between poor and rich. If there is dress code in school than everyone can afford it. The most important thing about wearing uniforms in the school is to look perfect and equal. Dress code is very easy for the spot. Dress codes in the school make us recognize our school students. There are many good advantages of dress code. First one is student will not able to hide weapon. Second, students will not carry drugs with them. Last, uniforms are simple and

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