Uniforms In Schools- Good Or Bad?

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Mary Adams Mr. O’seland ENGL 1113/0179 5, December 2011 Hot Topic Essay In recent years, many schools across the United States have adopted uniforms for their students to help create a safer environment and to direct their attention away from “what’s hot” in fashion to academic performance. A majority of the schools are only implementing uniforms because of the possible benefits from doing so. They base this decision only on the positive statistics recorded from other schools. However, there are plenty of negative statistics that show that uniforms in public schools may not be such a good idea. So the question is, should uniforms be worn in public schools? I don’t think so. Yes, there are several benefits, but I believe the cons outweigh the pros in this situation. It is said, and has been shown in several studies that uniforms in public schools reduce the amount of violence amongst the students. If all of the students on campus look the same, it is hard to distinguish among the many cliques and/or gangs; and anyone who doesn’t belong on campus would easily be identified. PHS commentator Melissa Nitsch says “when everyone looks alike, there is less risk of being caught in gang fights for wearing the wrong color. With uniforms, no one is killed over a pair of Nikes or a Starter jacket.” Basically, the idea here is that if every student is wearing the same thing, fewer fights will occur. On another note, if all the students looked the same, they wouldn’t be able to bully each other on who is up to date with the latest fashions and who isn’t. You wouldn’t hear students bashing other students because “her skirt is from Wal-Mart.” Supposedly, uniforms in schools emit a feeling of unity and pride amongst the students and gets rid of the pressure of “fitting in” with everyone else. The attention that used to be shown on who was wearing what now

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