Enforcing Dress Code

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Enforcing Dress Code Are you tired of being mistreated because of your appearance? Uniforms will help you solve this problem. Wearing uniform helps students pay more attention in school because they’re spending less time thinking about who looks better. Parents are saving money by not buying expensive designer clothes. Students who wear expensive clothing alienate those students who are less fortunate and cannot afford to. School uniforms are beneficial and should be required to help students focus on school instead of other inappropriate things. Instead of focusing on your appearance, focus on your school work. Dress code prevents its unnecessary competition. A student should not spend hours getting ready for school in the morning, because uniforms eliminate so many options. Everyone should be seen equal, regardless of their clothing and income. Students still can accessorize their uniforms. Plain uniforms clothing is less expensive than the brands us teenagers enjoy wearing. Students who are less fortunate wouldn’t be alienated. We teenagers are the most aware of our appearance and people are likely to be judged for what they wear. School uniforms are to make all students equal. Kids are judged by how “hip” and expensive their clothes are. It shouldn’t matter is some kids are rich or poor, uniforms will level the fashion playing field. Students push the limit with inappropriate dressing, especially females when they’re allowed to wear whatever they want. It has a negative effect on overall discipline. They wear revealing clothing to attract attention from the young men. Females should dress in a lady like manner, and males should dress in a conservative, business like way. Students should be able to express themselves through their character instead of through their appearance. Uniforms prevent gang interaction because of the clothing worn in school.

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