Should School Uniforms Be Compulsory?

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INTRODUCTION Should school uniforms be compulsory or should students be able to express themselves in a casual fashion? School uniforms give a purpose of enhancing interaction between students in a positive way. It impacts on them academically and is a crucial way of how they behave. School uniforms are worn in many countries all over the world, especially the countries closely connected to Great Britain, as they are the most obvious and primary example of children wearing uniforms. There are many benefits to school uniforms. These garments show equality among students and decrease the level of bullying, and the costs are not as excessive as people may think. EQUALITY: bullying/jealousy If all students wear uniforms, it will reduce the levels of bullying.The most obvious factor in school uniforms is that they bring about equality within the students. No one person would have a different look. With this, it would be more difficult for the bullies to find a target. If there were to be casual clothes all throughout schools, it would be much easier to identify and divide the people who have wealth and the people with low costs. According to Debatepedia, “children invariably tease those who do not have trendy clothes. Those who can’t afford name brand clothes are often sensitive about their clothing”. This shows that children would most likely taunt the students who do not have the appropriate ‘fashionable’ clothing, and those who do not have enough money to purchase the brand name clothes, would feel barred from the sociable assembly. Bullies often look for someone who does not belong to a certain community, an ‘outsider’. Implementing school uniforms could make this situation have a less chance to occur. If all students are obliged to wearing uniforms, bullies will less likely single out a person who has a difference ‘style’ or ‘brand’. “Teenagers who took part in

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