School Uniforms-Argumeantative Essay

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School uniforms define a positive remedy in public and private schools. It’s not about whether the student will have to wear knee-length skirts, or tie. Uniforms help modify students as a whole instead of individuals. Uniforms act as social equalizers for students in the schools. Uniforms show unique fashion, help financially, and improve social skills. Many people argue that wearing a uniform; will not show the creative side of their children. There are many different ways of showing the stylish side while wearing a uniform. Many public and private schools today show students wearing low-cut jeans, revealing cleavage, or baggy pants. Even wearing a uniform a student can accessorize without revealing too much skin. “If students were dressed in uniforms, there would also not be the distraction of revealing clothing that often appears in the hallways of our public schools” (Harrod, 12). Some students today, who wear uniforms, have many ideas to show off their fashion sense. Most young female students will wear detail purses or earrings, while young boys will wear designer shoes or hats, therefore without the worrying of spending money on buying an outfit. The student can accessorize with many colors, even wearing a uniform. Some students who wear uniforms would even wear accessories that stand out from the crowd. Overall, the students will receive a higher level of learning, without the help of any peer pressure from the styles and designers, which the student wears. Uniforms are very helpful in helping out needy families. Financially, a typical family would be able to buy a uniform at a reasonable price. With the high cost of buying clothes every week, a uniform will narrow down the parents’ spending of money. “The gap between the "haves" and the "have-nots" is narrowed due to uniforms” (LaPoint, 33-34). The student would learn to eliminate their choices, when

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