Public School Uniform Policy

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Public Schools Requiring Students to Wear Uniform Danika Washington English Composition2 (AXE1433k) Kari Lamanno 09/16/2014 With many public schools requesting students to wear uniforms, I feel this is a good idea because they will help safe money; they will help them be identified, and with security purposes, uniforms will also help students focus on the more important things school has to offer. I personally believe that schools requesting students to wear uniforms are a start to improving the school systems. Although, I am not saying that uniforms will solve all problems but I feel they will allow the students to feel comfortable within their surroundings which will help them focus on the more important things at school. Saving money is always a great thing; purchasing uniforms are much easier and less expensive than going to a mall or department store looking for designer or the most popular clothing. Wearing uniforms to school will allow students the ability to focus on what is going on within the classroom instead being involved in small talk about what another person is wearing. Uniforms would help the students who come from less fortunate families feel equal with others. I have three daughters who are in school and have to wear uniforms and I safe money also time. Since there schools have enforced uniforms our mornings have become easier, I know longer have to wait on them to decide what color shirt they are wearing or what color shoes look better with the jacket or none of the small things that should not even matter since everybody should be going to school for one thing and that is to learn. I have noticed I save money on not just purchasing clothes but also laundry. Having daughters is already hard to manage what they are wearing especially my teenagers so the schools mandating uniforms helps with their
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