School Uniforms Should Be Compulsary

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School Uniforms Should be Compulsory Have you ever noticed how the students in our schools dress a little too revealing or inappropriately? School uniforms would help rid that problem so that we can concentrate on school work. Not only I, but others believe that school should be based on how and what you learn, not how you look or what you wear. All schools in Australia should apply the school uniform policy, so that we all fit in together, we can concentrate on our school work and you can avoid problems with the choices that students make – inappropriate or revealing – of which outfits to wear to school everyday. This is important because no matter how the children are – rich or poor; healthy or unhealthy; fashionable or non-fashionable – we will all fit in together, we will be less distracted from our school work towards our fashionable clothes and we will stress less about what to choose to wear to school. To begin with, school uniforms will help us as students to all fit or blend in together. If we do not have any school uniforms, we will have the choice of what we wear to school. If someone is rich and another is poor, it most likely that the rich person will wear rich clothes and the poor person will wear poor clothes. As a result of this, the rich person might be the most popular person who is wanted by everyone, while the poor person is bullied, made fun of and left out by everyone. First of all, this is not fair. Everyone deserves to be respected and treated nicely by all. Secondly, having a school uniform policy will ensure that the rich and the poor are equally treated. If poor people can’t afford to wear ‘fashionable’ clothes like the rich and popular people, chances are that they will get bullied many times. Research shows that 1 in 4 Australian children get bullied every year. Out of these, 27% of the reasons for the bullying are because of what
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