School Uniforms Persuasive Speech

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School Uniforms I. Introduction a. I’m sure some of us in this classroom have been to a school where a uniform was mandatory, am I right? b. I never have had to, but I used to want to wear them. I loved the idea of not having to deal with having to choose out an outfit everyday. c. Though I have heard good and bad things about uniforms, I find that they are beneficial to students because they are reasonably priced, generate fewer distractions, and create a safer educational environment. II. Body paragraph 1 a. Before researching the prices of school uniforms, I assumed they would be probably pretty costly because not only would you buy a school uniform, but also regular play clothes for outside of school. i. I have since realized this is not true. On, a website selling official school wear, all clothing items are under $20 and accessories (belts, ties, backpacks, etc.) range from $2-$30. ii. These prices are pretty reasonable and are similar to the price ranges of other clothing and accessories. b. Some people argue that school uniforms don’t save any money because it adds to the expenses of regular, everyday clothing. i. Because most school uniforms require nice pants and a polo or button-up shirt, it is possible to re-wear these clothes to a nice dinner or a special occasion. ii. Uniforms don’t really add much to clothing expenses because there are stores that sell used school uniforms and there are other ways of getting cheap school wear. c. Transition: Not only are school uniforms made of more durable material and are cheaper and reusable clothing, but they create a less distracting learning environment. III. Body paragraph 2 a. Most people, when arguing against school uniforms, bring up the idea that they stifle
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