Compare and Contrast Online School vs Public School

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Norma Montaño Professor Amy Loper English 110 March 27, 2015 Two Ways to Education Receiving an education is crucial to being successful in this world; it can either break you or make you. This is why the demand of education in our society has developed several ways to achieve it; two of which are popular, is online school and public school. Both of these methods share a similar goal, which is to employ knowledge by practice. Although the two educational methods may have the same objective, the education is applied differently. Public school may sound more appealing because their education is basically free, but some people also appeal to the flexibility of online school. Not everyone learns the same way, so this is why there are different methods of education available. Online school and public school are different in their setting, approach, and impact on the students. These differences can either obstruct or improve a student’s way of learning and developing. The fact that school is solely done online is the main observation that distinguishes an online school from a public school. A public school is typically located in a building, which is provided by the government. Whereas, with online school, the education does not have a set location. Due to this, some consider it easier to complete assignments in convenience of the student. Going to school where you please versus going to a public location can be considered more comfortable and convenient to most people. However, others may feel more comfortable around a larger area, such as a classroom at a public school. A public school’s building has a community feeling, which guarantees more space for a large population of students. Online school does not have a large campus or location, but it typically provides enough individual space for a student to feel comfortable. Having this option of location is a

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