Dress Codes Essay

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Kristin Nugen English III Mrs. Colclasure Due: September 23rd, 2010 Dress Code Dress codes can be very useful and they can be very annoying. Dress codes help make the school look good. Even if it’s a bad school a good dress code will make the school look very neat and tidy. I am glad we don’t have a dress code enforced in our school because this would be very hard for me not to be able to get cute clothes and have my own individual style. The pros of a uniform dress code are that it can reduce drama in the style area. The uniform policy can reduce gang action; with uniforms there would be no way to wear an item of clothing to associate you with a gang. If all students and teachers had uniforms on then it would be easy to identify any on campus trespassers. Making it easy to keep the kids safe. Another thing good about school uniforms is that nobody would have the desire to steal any item of clothing during p.e. or athletics. If we had a uniform policy then we would never have a problem with the dress code, therefore allowing the principal to focus on more important things. Another way the schools could make the children show their individuality is to allow them different items of the uniform, for example the school could have a fashion show in the week before school showing the different items of clothing the girls/boys could wear during school hours. They could allow skirts, sweaters, and button up collared shirts, a tie, long socks, loafers, slacks and dresses. Boys may wear slacks, sweaters, collared shirts, ties, dress shoes, long socks and sometimes even shorts. Some parents are worried about their children being violated freedom of expression opportunities. (www.schoolsecurtiy.org). If you are worried about this, move your children to a different school. There is no difference between this rule and the rules they will have to face when they get a
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