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Searching Lockers Protects Everyone Why do so many students oppose locker searches in schools? Some students believe these searches invade their privacy and without a probable cause they should not be allowed. Others believe these searches help the school to be safe and therefore probable cause is not necessary. The schools should be allowed to search lockers randomly for the safety and well being of the students and staff. Only one violent student can jeopardize the safety of others. In order to feel safe in schools, I believe locker searches should be allowed routinely and without notice to students and faculty. Searching lockers ensures that all students and school personnel will be safe. “The school owns these lockers and might search them at anytime” (Wisconsin). Lockers are loaned to students to keep their school related materials in throughout the day. Thusly, students should not bring items to school that are prohibited by school handbooks or state laws. Catherine Kim argues that” locker searches are part of the larger school-to-prison pipeline problem.” She states that if a student’s locker was searched it would lead to “punishing, criminalizing, and incarcerating youth.” However, do we just ignore illegal contraband? Kim overlooks what I consider an important point about teaching students right from wrong. It should not be the school’s responsibility to teach values and morals but, to support and uphold these basic beliefs. Parents should be aware and educating their students about what is proper and improper to bring to school. Schools with routine locker searches, where students are being caught help reinforce positive behavior within the student body. This fosters a positive atmosphere for everyone. I would like to believe that schools provide safe environments for our children to learn and grow. This becomes difficult when students bring

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