Should Teachers Have Guns In Schools Essay

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Yolanda Johnson Nichole R. Nichole College Composition 1 31 January 2015 Should Teachers Be Allowed to Carry Firearms In today’s society it seems that violence is on the rise all around us, it can be seen in all parts of our lives. This rise in violence has become increasingly present in our school systems. Students are becoming more aggressive and abusive toward teachers and fellow classmates. What can teachers do to keep themselves and other students out of harm’s way? Would allowing teachers to carry firearms make them feel safe and secure while teaching in our schools? This is a question I’m sure does not have an easy answer or solution. I don’t believe that a teacher carrying a firearm is the best approach to take on this matter. Our schools is a place where students come to learn and grow, a place where teachers provide them with these tools. If we provide teachers with firearms, what message are we sending to them and our students? Will our teachers now be doing more policing than teaching, will their focus now be on that one student that gives them a strange look or on their class as a whole? Some of today’s students are out of control and have no respect or value toward our teachers,…show more content…
I think providing our schools with better security is an issue that should not be put on the back burner to be discussed only when a shooting occurs in our school. We want our schools to be safe and have adequate, security but we do not want our schools to become a prison. We want students and teachers to feel safe and secure when they enter their classroom. We must try and figure out a way to achieve this goal without providing our teachers with firearms. Since I’m currently working in the field of Early Childcare and Education, and I have several grandchildren that are in school I hope this is a goal that we can
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