Argumentative Essay: Random Shoulder Checks

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Random locker checks are not done to torment and/or invade the privacy of the students, but for many other important reasons which include school security. These checks are required because malicious students bring drugs and weapons to school and store them in the lockers. Random locker checks should be made obligatory and done frequently to assure the wellbeing of the students. In the first place, locker checks help increase the safety in schools. Safety is a problem in every environment and especially school. Drugs, alcohol, and firearms in lockers make a harmless place like school quite dangerous. School was known to be a secure environment for children where they could learn and have a have a fun time with friends. In the past 10 years that has all changed. The number of school shootings has increased significantly. Last year on April 16th the most deadly school shooting in U.S. history occurred. In this brutal massacre at Virginia Tech, 32 students were murdered and several more were wounded. To combat this growing epidemic, schools carry out repeated locker checks. In the second place, locker checks keep students healthy. Locker checks help students stay both physically and mentally healthy because it discourages students from bringing fire arms and…show more content…
The students who are yet to be caught will learn from the mistakes of other students and will stop. To increase the effect of locker checks, they should be done with security guards and dogs. Security guards at school increase security and security dogs help find drugs with their noses. School is a place to learn, not a place to bring malicious substances, electronics and etc. So, only learning material should be brought to school. With the continued discouraging of bringing drugs and weapons, a completely secure school will become an accomplishable

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