School Teachers Should Not Be Armed

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Imagine teachers carrying guns in school. School boards are trying to reduce the amount of shots fired in school, but willing to add guns. How will they achieve that? Although guns have been used for protection for decades, they will only cause more harm if used by teachers. Protection on school grounds is undoubtedly essential, but adding more guns will ultimately lead to a more dangerous environment. Consider keeping a handgun in a school class room. How will officials make sure the gun isn't accessible to students? If the gun falls into the wrong hands, it risks the lives of a countless amount of people. Students may even try to steal the gun for their own use. Not to mention the amount of accidents that can occur by an un-experienced shooter. We must also keep in mind that being a teacher or part of the school staff does not make it a legitimate reason for one to carry a deadly weapon in an environment full of students. Teachers are only humans and can potentially lose control of their temper or even sanity, much like the several students who previously committed gun violence in schools. How can you judge and trust a person's character just by their status? As we grow up, we are taught not to fight violence with violence, because it only leads to more harm and doesn't solve the problem in any way. If a student harms someone, why should the teacher hurt or maybe even kill the student? This teaches people the wrong values. You may be thinking that teachers are unable to stand up to students or outside threats under current school conditions, but that doesn't mean we have to take these extreme measures. Since school districts want to minimize violence in schools, enhancing security would be the best option; Adding guns to a school environment will only increase the amount of violence. Despite the unruly shooting of young children in Newtown Connecticut,

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