Special Needs Rule Essay

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Special Needs Rule Michael Creggett Everest University CJL 2130-6 Criminal Evidence-6 Instructor: Erin Otis Date: 11/29/13 A police officer was investigating a burglary during which a handgun had been stolen. The police officer was at the time also acting as the police advisor to a high school. School officials called the officer and told him that the gun might be in the trunk of a student's car parked in the school parking lot. Does the "special needs" rule justify the officer’s search of the parked car’s trunk without probable cause? In this case, the officer or the school official could search the truck of the car. The information that has been given to the officer gives him the right to search the truck without a warrant. The special needs rule states that an official can search any place on the school grounds if they believe that fowl play is going on or there is a gun in on the campus. The…show more content…
Without this law, school officials would not be able to move swiftly to take control over dangerous issues that might cause other people their lives. If, this student has this gun in his trunk, he will be in a whole lot of trouble. On top of that the gun is stolen. So, the student could be looking at about 6yrs in prison. Then, the other charges for having the gun on school property will be another 2 to 4yrs in prison. That is why I believe it is better just to go to school and get an education and to leave all of the negativity out. This mistake could cost a person their life or a long time in prison. I have heard cases involving students bringing guns to schools. One minute you hear about the charges and the next you don’t even hear about the outcome. But, we all know that the outcome was not good. The system is real and once it gets a hold on you. It does not want to let you
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