Argumentative Essay: Teachers Vs. Guns In Schools

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Teachers vs. Guns On December 14, 2012 something tragic happened at the Sandy Hook elementary in Connecticut. The attacker killed twenty six people – twenty of which are age six to seven. If teachers had a gun or the right training and defense they might have had stopped the attacker from killing that many people. Teachers should be allowed to be armed because of the following reasons; it is quicker and more efficient then just waiting, teachers are also trying their best to keep it safe, and they have the right to carry guns. Having guns could have a big part such as having the stability to carry a gun and schools having enough funds for every teacher to have one. However we take our children back to school every day and there are scholarships…show more content…
If a teacher had a gun it will go smoother and quicker. Since the teachers have guns it will be faster than calling the cops and waiting for them to come (Debate). The police stations could be miles away from the school; by the time they arrive it might be too late. During the massacre the gunman wouldn’t expect schools to have guns in their classroom or trained teachers. This means the teacher is given a chance to fight the gunman or at least calm them down (Huffingtionpost). When there is an attacker on campus we should make every second count and know that we at least tried to protect our children. In the shooting at Sandy Hook, the school principle charges the gunman empty handed to try to stop him. It indicates that teachers would do anything for their students even risking their lives to save them. Having a gun in the room gives off a feeling that safety is there. It would give a safer environment to the teachers, parents, and kids (Debate). Knowing that something can stop the gunman from shooting, kids would feel safer about going to school. Timing is a big factor during a massacre, so giving a gun to a teacher could save more
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