Summary: Should School Authorities Be Allowed To Search Student Lockers

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Should School Authorities Be Allowed to Search Student Lockers Maria Castillo ITT-Tech Student Professor: Yu EN1420 Composition II Should School Authorities Be Allowed to Search Student Lockers With the violent events that have happened in some schools, there are too many feelings of fear due to the insecurity that many students and teachers are exposed to at schools. Parents and authorities are worried about what they can do to avoid crimes in school settings because this problem leads to many lost lives and hurt people like the one massacre of the innocent students at Sandy Hook School in Connecticut. This is just one reason for which the school authorities should be allowed to search student lockers to keep schools safe for all…show more content…
This article reveals how students are using their lockers to hide weapons brought from their own homes to resolve some of their problems they are facing with other students. Moreover, children are being arrested and charged as adults for carrying and bringing weapons to schools. Many cases like this one are happening in the United States school grounds, ending with tragic results. Many parents are not aware of their own children’s behaviors. Parents could also help the authorities by letting school teachers and counselors know if they are aware of any misbehavior at home. Many of these children could be living with a lot of trauma and violence at home. Furthermore parents need to have more control over their children and help the authorities by checking backpacks before children leave for school. But this is not always possible for all parents to do because many of them have to go to work early or cannot spend as much time with their children. Even if this is not possible, parents who keep weapons at home should keep them away from the reach of their children. Children do not need to know that their parents keep weapons at home, but if they do, it is important to keep those weapons in a locked…show more content…
This could also help with the avoidance of much unnecessary violence that is happening at school campuses and will help to reduce the number of children who get into gangs. References Borja,r. r. (2005). Minn. District gets ready to welcome students back after high school Shootings education week, 24(31), 11. Retrieved July 28, 2013, from McCabe, K. A., & Martin, G. M. (2005). School Violence, the Media, and Criminal Justice Responses. New York: P. Lang Rees ShapiroJustin, J. (0012, July). Pistol is found in student’s locker. Washington Post, The. Retrieved July 28, 2013, from: Thornberg, R. (2010). Schoolchildren’s social representations on bullying causes. Psychology In The School, 47(4), 311-327 retrieved July 28, 2013, from

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