No To School Uniforms Essay

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The opponents of school uniform maintain that students should be allowed to choose their own clothes and they shouldn't be forced to conform. The opponents feel that the inability to choose ones clothes causes children to lose their individuality. Interestingly, many who fill strongly about this are not nearly as concerned over the insistance of many schools to avoid controversial issues. Different societies have place varying emphasis on conformity. In Japan it has been a strongly held goal. In America society has placed a much greater emphasis on individuality. Causes discipline problems Some students object to any rules. Rules about their clothes are particularly objecvtionable to some. They alter their uniform by lengthening, shortening, widening or tightening them. Tension between students and teachers sometimes occurs, as teachers try to enforce the school rules, and students resist them. Little or no relationships to academics Opponents insist that there is no creditable evidence that uniforms improve school discipline or result in superior academic achievement. The principal evidence offered here is that some good students are scruffy dressers. There is no doubt that children can learn even if they dress as they want. The question not addressed is to what extent fashion, and the tendency of moden children to focus on fashion, distracts from the academic program. This issue is generally avoided by those who argue that dress is unrelated to academics. High cost The economics of school uniform is hotly debated. School uniform was in part adopted by some American schools so children would not try to outdo each other with highh-priced designer clothes. British parents seem nore likely to complain about high-priced uniform items. Some parents say that uniforms are excesively costly. As they are often available from one supplier some of the market action

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