Uniforms in School.

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Uniforms in school, right or wrong? A lot of schools in the United States wear uniforms to school. Some schools think it makes everyone look the same, therefore no one has to feel different; others think it shouldn't matter. This essay will explain the good and bad of wearing uniforms in school. Students that attend schools that choose to wear uniforms have the advantage of looking identical, therefore no one gets bullied due to their economic status. Schools that wear uniforms prevent gangs from displaying their gang colors as easily. Theft is decreased because everyone is dressed identically. Violence is decreased over subjects of clothing and shoes. It also reduces distractions in schools. Uniforms supply a sense of security as well. It is easy to recognize people that should not be on campus when everyone is dressed similarly and that one person is not. Another thing that is a benefit of wearing uniforms is saving time in the mornings. You always know what you're going to wear, therefore you never have to waste time picking out your clothes. Besides that, uniforms show off school colors and display school spirit! When a student wears uniforms, there are still students who enjoy bulling those who aren't wearing the latest brand, or whose clothes are baggier than others. Uniforms cut down on other costs for clothes that you would need to buy to supply enough clothes for the week. Sometimes, though, kids have to wear the most expensive brand of clothing to feel accepted by their peers. Basically, uniform costs can go either way. Schools that wear uniforms may also cause problems. When students wear uniforms, they sometimes feel as though they have no individuality. It takes away from the students freedom of choice, and the need for self-expression. Also, when you wear uniforms, if your uniform policy doesn't include skirts or other religious clothing, there

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