Sociology-Education Labelling Theory Essay

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Criticisms of labelling theory Judgement can effect student’s achievement. E.g. if they are labelled as a ‘dumb student’ then the student would believe they are dumb and stop trying. Labelling is only based on child’s looks, class, speech, personality, attitudes and behaviour and not about knowledge or ability. Teachers judges students by obedience. Teachers favours the clever children more by giving them better text books, more help, wider feedback, detailed improvement and higher knowledge. Causes the teachers to become biased towards the students Some children are able to reject the label given. Internal factors and achievement Internal factors | How does it affect achievement | Labels given to students | Would believe that their label was chosen was true and would follow its path (Self-fulfilling prophecy) | Streams | Higher stream- being encouraged to do better and given all the help that it needed. Lower stream- feels dumb, do stops trying | Peer groups | Some friends can be more encouraging towards school than others | Processes inside school | Different processes can cause you to either become more motivated or not to do well. E.g. assemblies and tutor groups | What effect might this label have on children? The students with special needs may feel neglected and not cared for, because they are not given the label. The may find it harder to struggle in school since teachers do not know that they have a disability and instead they could be just labelled as lazy, stupid or dumb. The students that have been labelled may feel that the school doesn’t think that they are capable to study and work towards getting the best grades. This is because they are labelled for having a disability even though they don’t, so they think that the only reason why the teachers thinks the have a

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