Persuasive Essay (the High Cost of School Uniforms)

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Did you know that “There is no conclusive data to show that school uniforms solve any of the problems they were created to solve”? (“Point: The High Cost of School Uniforms”). Wearing uniforms is not required in all PA public schools, but in some schools it is. Many people (mainly parents) believe it to be that no PA public school should be required to wear uniforms. Others should agree as well. PA public schools should not be required to wear uniforms. Uniforms cause a lack of freedom of expression. With wearing clothing of our own choosing, comes a way to express ourselves and our personalities “Since clothing is considered an expression of identity or religious belief, mandating school uniforms is considered a violation of students' right to free expression”. (“Point: The High Cost of School Uniforms”). If all PA public schools require students to wear uniforms, then the schools would be taking away freedom of expression during the week. Students in school who are growing up and transitioning to an adult world need to know how to live their own lives and be themselves, because eventually they won’t have someone there with them, helping them through things in life. Being themselves also means being able to express themselves the way the wish to. School uniforms are not only items that cause a lack of freedom of expression but also a largely ineffective way to help solve the problems they were meant to. Actually, look at it this way “Consider for a moment the problem of gangs. The wearing of gang colors is only a symptom of much deeper social problems, and in most of the schools where gangs are prevalent, the wearing of gang colors has already been banned. Uniforms do not address the complex social realities that lead to gang culture”. (“Point: The High Cost of School Uniforms”). That shows and proves that uniforms are not a way to solve gang violence, as that
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