Fashion Runways in Schools

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English 101 25 March 2009 Fashion Runways in Schools “Oh my gosh girl, have you seen the latest Hollister Norwalk sweater? It is so super lightweight and one hundred percent cotton, so it’s super cozy. It has a really cute tie around the waist and doesn’t close up in the front, so it would look really sweet for layering with the cool new camis they just got in.” Meanwhile, quietly standing by a set of lockers, a girl who is less unfortunate was thankful that the pair of jeans she had worn that day didn’t have a hole in them. With new trends always on the rise, there is a notable amount of problems that tend to surface among the different social classes in our schools. Students believe that in order to be well liked they need to dress in a certain manner, which seems to cause issues among peers. One way to help eliminate competitiveness, endless worrying about appearance and what peers are wearing to school is to incorporate uniforms into the school systems. Uniforms can act as a social leveler in an academic environment. They can help create equality in the eyes of the school and to peers according to International Debate Education Association ("School Uniforms"). By incorporating uniforms into schools administrators can create an environment where education can prepare children for the future, eliminate the vast differences in social classes and teach the children of tomorrow how to respect their surroundings. With a great amount of emphasis being placed on current trends, many students and parents seem to get lost in the purpose of education. They lose the understanding that school is not a place to learn about socialization skills, but a place to prepare children for the future. Uniforms can prepare students for life after education, in which most of them will be expected to dress accordingly and to adhere to a corporate dress code. Once children

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