Persuasive Essay On Budget In Education

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Over the decades there has been an ongoing debate to change the United States education system in guiding students on a superior future. With the establishment of the No Child Left Behind Act, the importance to score higher on the standardized test has resulted in making budget cut to have more academic courses. When the current U.S. administration made budget cut decisions, the first thing to go is the art, music, and theater classes. The school administration does not realize that the arts are the aspect in people's lives and improves students mentality. A student that is involved in the arts are at low at risk to develop a mental disorder or helps release their frustration in a positive creative way. Countless of public schools have defunded their art programs, and in Eagle Pass, C.C. Winn High Schools there had been discussions to end these programs within the next three years.…show more content…
Ever since then, every grade level has to take a state test. Many public schools had to defund the arts programs to improve the state test scores in the required subjects. Schools that are performing the lowest are pressured to concentrate on having more qualified teachers to teach reading, math, and history classes rather than art, theater, and music classes. Kathleen Manzo with knowledge of education and social policy finds the problems is that the budget cuts and the shortage of teachers will cause less time for the resources that can be used in the art programs. Without the arts, the school is reducing the capability to give young students a complete education. Saving the arts programs in schools across the nation can be beneficial to students' performances in their academic studies. If a student were involved in art, theater, or music, there would be higher attendance, graduation rates, performances in test and more. Valeriya Metal is passionate about the social issues that are happening in the nation
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