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School Uniforms Should Be Implemented In All Schools Joanna Colon August 30, 2014 Instructor: Sarah MacDonald English 122: English Composition II Source Titles: 1. Should school uniforms be mandated in elementary school? In the “The Case for Uniforms” section of this article, the writer expresses that many people believe that schools should implement the use of uniforms. If schools did this, there would be an increase of the learning to failing ratio. The writer also states that, school staff would be able to easily recognize school intruders, with the use of uniforms. 2. The Role of School Uniforms In Creating An Academically Motivating Climate. The writer in this article expresses that after doing some research, he noticed that there is a division in the acceptance of uniforms for many public school. He states that the portion of people who are for uniforms enumerate potential benefits. There would be a decrease in theft of designer clothing, prevention of gang colors, and a reduction in peer pressure. 3. Public School Uniforms The writers in this article express that many schools have gang presence and activity, due to the free-will dress codes. They researched that there have been incidences of children who are beaten or robbed due to the clothing they are wearing. In no way does making uniforms mandatory stop violence, but it can prevent or reduce the amount of violence within the schools. 4. Are School Uniforms a Good Fit? The writer in this article states that proponents argue that uniforms can make schools safer and can also improve school attendance and increase student achievement. Schools that enforce uniforms have a safer environment, improved attendance, and raise academic achievement. 5. Public School Dress Codes The writer in this article discusses the differences between expressive clothing and strict dress codes.

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