Summary Of 'From Lockers To Lockup' By Jessica Bennett

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In the article “From Lockers to Lockup” Jessica Bennett argues about the issue of bullying. Bennett believes that bullying is bad and questions are schools really the problem of bullying? Can they really do much about it? I agree with her questionings, for example she claims that “cases like this are being invoked as a potent symbol for why, in the digital age, schools need bullying policies and states need legalization” (Bennett). This is true to the point that the schools are already doing all it can do to prevent bullying, however legalizing it has to be the next step so people can become more aware of the seriousness this is. As we all know schools don’t have the power to legalize policies that goes beyond and is the government’s job. Now…show more content…
Diblasio believes that people are more aware of bullying and are finally taking action and reporting it. For example she claims “people are more likely to know about bullying and feel that they have to repot it” (Diblasio). This may be true; however are they targeting the right people? Most of the parents whose child is being bullying instantly assumes it is the schools fault, yet they don’t target the actual bully first. Like I have mentioned in the previous paragraph, schools only have limited power when it comes to bullying. This is because many schools don’t always know what happens and if they are also just making it up. Most kids may do this in order to use as an excuse for lack of academic performance. It’s difficult for a school to take action if the bullied students don’t speak up. This is why I believe that it’s not the schools fault. Additionally, the article conveys “‘if a school employee witnesses a behavior that is problematic and makes a conscious decision not to address it, it becomes schools problem’.” (Diblasio).This may be true; however it is only resolved for that incident but later on, the bully can decide to be more careful and bully the student more outside of school because an adult intervened. Now I am not saying not to intervene, just that it wouldn’t make the bullying stop completely. Studies have shown that most of the times, the bully is the one that needs more help because maybe he is bullying because he was or is being bullied too. It is also hard to detect but in most cases, this is true. Therefore, I believe we should go deeper than just pointing fingers when it comes to bullying and try and find how it all

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