Lost In Transition: The Dark Side Of Emerging Adulthood

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Bullying in Schools Before we can discuss the different types of bullying, we must first have an understanding of what bullying is. Bullying is an aggressive behavior that involves unwanted negative actions; a pattern of behavior repeated over time and involves an imbalance of power or strength. Bullying has many different versions. It can include physical which consists of hitting, slapping, and shoving in a hurtful way, just to name a few. There's also verbal, and some examples of this are name calling, put downs, threats and intimidation. There's also indirect or social, which can include but is not limited to, harming ones' reputation, gossiping about someone, excluding someone from a group and insulting remarks and gestures.…show more content…
Can we really raise children to be moral if we discipline children immorally? The way we discipline our children determines the way they understand what they did wrong, how they will behave in the future and how they will discipline their own children. Unfortunately much of what we do in the name of discipline is immoral and causes more harm than good. This is why bullying has been becoming a more serious problem. In the book "Lost in Transition: The Dark Side of Emerging Adulthood" by Christian Smith, he sheds light on why bullying may be on the rise. In 2008 Smith and his team asked 230 young Americans, ages ranging from 18-23 years of age, open ended questions about how they make moral decisions and their thought about the meaning of life. In the author's words, "The answers revealed that many of today's young people live in what amounts to a moral vacuum". He also states that the vocabulary of right and wrong, of good and evil has little meaning to them, and that they view morality as a personal…show more content…
Bullying can now lead to criminal cases and lawsuits. By the schools letting bullying continue it teaches students that it's ok. This creates a fearful environment instead of a learning one. Students feel "let me bully so I don't get bullied". Bullying victims can have a lot of stress added on and it can lead to retaliation such as school shootings as well as suicide. Cyber bullying is the more modern type of bullying and some argue that it's the most harmful. When it comes to cyber bullying anyone can become the bully. The small scrawny kid can be just as harmful as the big kid on the playground. Cyber bullying can have a longer lasting effect on the victim. It can be humiliating due to the fact that it has a bigger audience opposed to the kids on the playground. There are many warning signs that could indicate that someone is involved in bullying. Some of the signs include the following; they come home with damaged or missing clothing, they have thing such as electronics and jewelry come up lost, and they have unexplained injuries and complain frequently of feeling sick. They can hurt themselves, and they can lose interest in school, friends and activities that they used to enjoy. Now there are also warning signs when someone is the bully and these are; they become violent with others, they get into physical and verbal fights easily, they have extra money or things and they cannot explain where they

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