Spanking Right Or Wrong

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Spanking – Right or Wrong Spanking, does it really teach kids how to behave? The answer is no. Spanking teaches kids that bad behavior is corrected by violence. Violence that is commonly used to kids behavior. Parents undermined that spanking is a form of abuse. This is not only physical abuse, but also mental abuse. What parent’s don’t realize is that spanking contradicts the values they try to instill on their children. Instead of using the method of spanking parents that cause damage to children, parents should really consider some alternative ways. Better and healthier ways of remanding a child is talk to them, and if that doesn’t work you can resort to punishing them. Parent’s see spanking as a way of dealing with their children’s bad behavior, but what they don’t see is that their teaching kids that violence will resolve their problems. Spanking may also cause children emotionally stress. It makes children feel they are not loved and there is something wrong with them. Spanking, frankly doesn’t resolve the problem of kids lashing out. Sometimes it makes them wilder then they already are. This is not only harmful for kids but it’s also emotionally drain on parents. Ways of resolve this problem of parents using spanking as a method of disciplining a child is having parents communicate with their child. Communication is the key to resolving your problems without violence. This will lead to a better understand of were both parties are coming from. Yelling and spanking only leads to miscommunication with one another and ultimately lead to resentment. In most cases it leads to rebellion from children. Children after talking mostly reflect on their bad actions and end up doing the right thing. Unlike kids who get hit they just keep on because they are mad at the fact that they got hit and it caused them pain. Another way to go about not hitting your kid

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