Bullying: A Growing Epidemic

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School Bullying Dianna Rumsey Honors English Mrs. Watters May 10, 2013 “70% of middle school and high school students experience bullying in school,” (School Bullying).School bullying has become a growing epidemic throughout today’s society. There are multiple types of bullying that include physical, verbal, emotional, and homophobic. Bullying is happening in every age group but more directly in high schools. Boys and girls have different clarifications of bullying. Boys tend to do more physical bullying while girls are guilty for verbal bullying. Bullying tends to alter kids in short term and long term side effects later on in life. Some kids like Phoebe Prince couldn’t take the bullying and decided death was the better way. School…show more content…
Emotional bullying is when people gang up on another, spreading rumors, ignoring people, harassment, etc. It causes long term side effects like anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder. Emotional bullying is common in high school because it’s the most subdued kind of bullying. Most kids don’t understand that they’re bullying others. I myself can say I didn’t know that I have bullied and have been emotionally bullied. Some people do know the experience of being bullied because it happens to them every day from something they can’t change or…show more content…
One of the biggest well known formed anti-bullying program is End of Bullying. Created by Ron Barber and his family in 2011 the program started its website endofbullying.com while also going to different schools to address bullying and ways to stop it. End of Bullying teamed with Bens Bells Project and brought the Be Kind motto to all high schools. The program also is involved with Be Kind week were school have a week of positive encouragement to students. My school participated and hung posters and had enouncements about being kind to your fellow students. Another program reaching out to help end bully is The Bully Project. It’s a website formed to stop bullying by pledging to yourself that you won’t bullying others. To show people the harsh effects of bullying they made a movie, Bully. It shows 5 kids that get bullied every single day and the toll it has on their life. The program has at the least fifty sponsors for the program, which shows the commiseration that people have to end

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