Bullying in Today's Society

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Introduction: In todays socity bullying is happening more and more. Although the number of occurances have risen, the number of instances are being reported and stopped before getting worse or ot of hand. We are teaching our children the right way to deal with bullying other then physical violence. With doing this research we have gathered information on both sides of this topic and we will try to grasp the truth to the question, can bullying be prevented? What effect does bullying have on children? Every day children suffer the devastating consequences that result from bullying in our schools. Bullying affects not only the children involved, but also has a negative impact on the entire school environment. Bystanders who witness bullying may either fear that they will be the next victims or deduce that this abusive behavior is tolerable. Students deserve to feel safe at school, however when they experience bullying, the effects can last long into their future. Some of these effects include: Depression, low self-esteem, health problems, poor grades and suicidal thoughts. Bullying causes both short and long term damage related to these effects. Not only are these issues the children have to deal with they also deal with physical problem obvious bruises or wounds from harassment, sleep disruptions, bed wetting, psychosomatic aches. Social Difficulty can lead to inapropreate social skills, social isolation, inaccurate social perceptions. In the school setting children can expearnce difficulty concentrating, poor academic performance, absenteeism, overall school climate and breakdown of school connectedness, escalating school violence. The problem has become so serious that bullying has been increasingly considered as a public health issue plaguing our entire society. More then half of the boys in 6-9th grade that are classified as bullies are later convicted of at
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