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James Erhimu COMM 101 Prof. Lori Walters-Kramer 4/11/14 Informative Speech 2 Outline Research Question: What are the negative aspects of bullying? Thesis: There are no positive aspects of bullying. Specific Purpose Statement: Bullying affects people in negative ways: emotionally, physically, & mentally. Organizational Pattern: Emotionally-suicide, Physically-bodily damage, Mentally-it can affect kids academically. I. Introduction: My name James Erhimu and I am here to talk about bullying. A. Attention Getter: Did you know 1,000 of students are victims of bullying? Did you also know that millions of students around the world are bullied every year? B. Thesis: There are no positive aspects of bullying. C. Reason to Listen: You should listen to this speech because if you haven’t been bullied before, your kids in the future may experience it or someone close to you might face it. D. Statement of Credibility: I’ve been a victim of bullying in my childhood. E. Preview: In this speech, I’m going to explain how bullying affects people mentally, physically and emotionally and state two positive coping methods and two negative coping methods. II. Body: A. I will begin discussing how it affects people emotionally. * People consider attempting suicide. * People become depressed. * People tend to have low self-esteem. * Feel wary or suspicious of others. B. I will now talk about how it affects people physically. * People experience headaches. * People experience stomach aches. C. Finally, I will talk about how it affects people mentally. * Poor academic work. * People tend to be stressed out. * Have nightmares. D. There are a multiple of ways to cope with bullying, but I will state at least two. * Tell someone you can trust. * Asking a friend for help E. I have

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