Danger in a Public School

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With a gun by his side, one student sprinted down the hallway of a huge public high school building. He traveled into each room full of students in order to find the group of individuals who have bullied him in the past. This violent behavior is crossing several students’ minds across the nation. People are seeing news programs with stories of shootings or other violent instances in schools more and more lately. The general public is wondering why these incidents are increasingly occurring in school systems. The main reasons for the rise in violent behavior in public schools are abusive situations, environmental impacts, and the easy access to weapons. Violent behavior is increasing in public school systems because students are being put in abusive situations. Children have to deal with cyber abuse and family issues daily in this progressive society. Cyber bullying has accumulated since computers have evolved. Social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, have created many arguments between students, usually causing one person to get harassed or intimidated by what the other student says. Also, violent video games can affect a student’s performance at school. If students form other disputes and then play a fierce video game, they are only prolonging a physical fight between them. Moreover, family matters can increase violent behavior in public schools. Children can go through depression if their parents are separated or divorced, and if they have siblings, they can argue with them over the tiniest concerns. Depression causes the children to lash out at other students because the children don’t want to cause any more harm in their families. Furthermore, abusive situations are not the only cause of violent behavior in public schools, but environment impacts also pertain to the way children act. Suppose a community is large, the school
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