Bullying In Schools

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Bullying in Schools Currently people are talking more and more seriously about bullying in schools and its effects. School Bullying is a type of abuse that typically takes place at school, and can be related to physical, verbal or emotional aggressions repeated over a period of time. Some people say that bullying does not exist and it is just something made up by the media to promote the sensationalism. However, bullying is a reality in our society. Parents and educators have established partnerships, in order to promote anti-bullying programs, because this is an issue that might cause victims psychological problems for a lifetime. Usually, teenagers who suffer this kind of abuse never tell to their parents, maybe for fear of what could happen or because they were threatened by the perpetrators. As a consequence, these teenagers suffer alone because they do not have someone with whom they might talk. Because bullying problems has become a more frequent issue each day, it has called people’s attention. Approximately Approx40% to 80% of the school-age children experience bullying during their academic career, but only 20% to 40% of bullied people report incidents. Parents and educators have difficulty in understanding how serious the situation is for students who experience bullying because reporting is too low. The role of parents and educators is to identify behavioral changes or a decrease in grade performance. Even if a student does not report a bullying situation, these signals often indicate that something is going wrong. People who experienced bullying situations during their youth still feel the effects of the intimidation received when they were young. Bullying can cause short-term psychological effects like depression and anxiety. Long-term effects which includes lack of trust, extreme sensitivity and revenge, but the most serious effect is the suicide. A
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