What Techniques Are Being Employed by Schools to Avoid Violent Incidents?

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What techniques are being employed by schools to avoid violent incidents? Over the years there have been many violent outbreaks in schools all over the nation. Due to these outbreaks, schools have been required to take certain safety precautions to ensure the safety of students, as well as the faculty. An Internet source explains” School violence is the most pressing issue related to our children and youth today. We should raise alarms about the level of violent acts that plagues today’s children.”(Aldeman and Taylor 1). Faculty is maintaining regulations that are ensured by the state and school board to maintain the safety of students. The nation takes school violence very seriously, and will fight for the safety of the children. There are many types of violence that the children of America are experiencing every day at school. Most children are experiencing verbal assaults that are mainly insulting their outward appearances, threats from bullies who want to inflict the pain they feel on someone other than themselves, pushing, shoving, grabbing, and slapping from children who are more than likely physically abused at home, threats involving the intended use or actual use of knives and guns which are usually gang related, and theft. There are many students that are experiencing emotional, sexual, and other abuse in schools, where the crimes should have, and could have been prevented. There are different types of threats also; there are direct threats, indirect threats, veiled threats, and conditional threats. The consequences of the threats should be ranked by the levels of low, medium, or high. There are also many ways in which schools are trying to prevent a violent incident. One of which are having a designated drug dog on campus, as well as, having random locker searches. Unfortunately, violence in high schools is more common than any lower grade schools. In

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