Bullying In Clark County Schools Research Paper

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BULLYING IN CLARCK COUNTY SCHOOLS KAYEBIS K. SANTIAGO-GORDON COMM/215 March 8, 2012 Michael C. Gregory End Bullying in Clark County Schools Although some people who witness bullying have their reasons for not getting involved, bullying in Clark county schools needs to be stopped because bullies, as well as their victims, can experience psychological distress that may have negative life changing results and in some cases end tragically for all involved. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a bully as “archaic” and “a bluster browbeating person; especially: one who is habitually cruel to others who are weaker.” On a daily basis, victims of bullying are subjected to being abused; both physically and verbally. An article in Time magazine states that "The U.S. Department of Justice has reported that 37% of students don't feel safe at school because of bullying"(Cloud, 2012, Para. 8). While the constant abuse by a bully is humiliating and painful for the victim, they are not the only ones being affected. The bully themselves can experience short and long term effects of their actions. Bullying can result in extreme violence by a victim pushed too far. Putting an end to bullying may seem like a massive undertaking, but it is a necessary one. Physical…show more content…
The thought of living in constant fear, with only the expectation of more pain to come has driven some to take their own lives in hope of ending their suffering. In 2011, twenty-two of Clark county's youths were successful in carrying out their suicide attempts(Milliard, 2011). It is also becoming more common for victims of bullying to seek revenge for their injustices by harming mass amounts of students. Not everyone is capable of brushing aside the hurt and anguish caused to them by a bullying, just because they have gotten older. Some victims turn into bullies themselves; preying on the weak, just as they had been preyed

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