Bullying Informative Writing

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Bullying What is bullying? What types of bullying are there? How can you identify bullying? What emotions will he/she feel? What are the bullying statistics? This essay will discuss all the above and tell the reader on bullying and its harmful effects. Bullying is specified as unwanted, aggressive behavior. Bullying can have long lasting impressions on the bully, as well as, the victim. Most often, children who bully others use their physical strength, popularity or access to some information against the victim to show their powers. This behavior is repeated over and over and if not stopped, it can encourage the bully to do worse. There are three types of bullying. Some can be easily identified. However, there are some types of bullying that leaves the victim clueless about if they are bullied. The three forms of bullying are physical bullying, verbal bullying and social cyber bullying. Physical bullying involves hitting, kicking, pushing, shoving, breaking other’s things, pinching, spitting etc. Verbal bullying involves teasing, name-calling, mean comments etc. What is cyber bullying? Cyber bullying is the use of emails, instant messaging, phones, chartrooms, networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, to harass or threaten someone. Children who have early access to these websites are often being cyber bullied or doing the bullying. Mostly older children are likely to be cyber bullied than younger kids. How can we identify bullying and cyber bullying? Bullies threaten others, they spread rumors, they attack others verbally or physically or both and they harass the victim for a period of time. If the bully is doing all of the above then that is considered as bullying. Cyber bullying is a hard problem to identify, since it’s ‘behind the screen’ and we don’t know who is doing it (unknown). If you’re being cyber bullied make sure you tell someone you trust for
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