Social Precesses And Crime

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Social Processes and Crime I agree with the differential association theory. I believe that crime is learned from others. Some of the groups in high school are jocks, cheer leaders, preps, gothic/emo, loners, and smokers/drinkers/druggies. These groups are a great example of this theory. They all have tendencies to learn and to do what the groups see fit. A lot of times the jocks, cheer leaders, and preps get along, They interact with each other and pick-up on other people’s bad habits. They like to pick on people that are different from them. To go in to more detail, I have noticed in my time at high school that they pick on people that are different than them. Also, they pick on the people that they just don’t understand. I have to say they pick on people because they are scared of not knowing why they do it or why they are the way they are. This can lead to gang like activity and violence against different groups or people. I would have to say because of them I think more people in school are in to the crime that is today. In theory, they can cause a person to want to commit a crime from the bullying done to them. The impact of bullying can also be a form of committing a crime. So when talking about the differential association theory: I would have to say that yes it is an effect on this subject. It is all a learning process when bullying others. You pick up on traits that happen to you or you to them. People’s actions have an effect on others. The next groups of people are the gothic people/emo people and the loners. These groups are outside the social “norm.” A lot of times they dress differently than everyone else. This makes them an easy target, because the clothing they wear is strictly dark clothing. Most Christians, or even not Christian always refer them to being in a cult of some kind. I dressed gothic in high school and went to
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