Should Corporal Punishment Be Used As a Child Rear

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Corporal Punishment 1 Running Head: Corporal Punishment Corporal Punishment Brock Rackmil Palm Beach State College Corporal Punishment 2 Corporal punishment (CP) as a child rearing technique is far outweighed by the negative behaviors then the positive ones. When answering this question you would have to take into consideration the different ways parents use CP. Parents differ in how regularly they use it, how vigorously they govern it, how psychologically they react to it, and if they use these techniques together. These behaviors of the parents can determine the behaviors of the children. “The meta-analysis also demonstrates that the frequency and severity of the corporal punishment matters. The more often or more harshly a child was hit, the more likely they are to be aggressive or to have mental health problems.” (Gershoff, 2002) I am going to touch on the few behaviors associated with CP including immediate compliance which is the only positive behavior I will be explaining in this paper. The negative behaviors of CP that can affect a child are: Mental health, aggression, antisocial behavior, abuse of own children or spouse, and the decline of the child’s IQ. Aggression is one of the more significant behaviors brought on by CP. This aggression could bring on temper tantrums, and urges of anger making it difficult for the parent who is taking the child to a public place. These actions draw a lot of negative attention while out in public. Bullying is one other behavior brought on by aggression causing your child to be suspended or even expelled from school. “Children don't learn peaceful ways of solving conflict when they are exposed to violence."(Mann, 2010) Antisocial behavior is also at the top of the list of behaviors caused by
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