How Can Nonverbal and Verbal Cues Be Used to Lead to a More Productive Conflict Resolution

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Jerod Golson CM220 College Comp II Millie Stoff Final Project 3/12/2015 Sometimes when you deal with a bully the situation can be difficult. There are many things that you can do. I feel that a bully can be throwed off by acting bader than the bullie. A bully is defined as being bossy or trying to harm others. Bullying is a problem that may affect many children. Bullying may make a child feel afraid, shame, or nervous. The idea of being bullied may make a person feel sick. When having a bully in your school it may make the person scared to go to the bathroom, cafeteria, or go outside. Sometimes when you worry about a bully it can affect a child ability to do school work. School is where students spends most of their time therefore most bulling occurs at school. Thompson, Michael, Lawrence (2012) states that bullying is a major problem and needs to be prevented. Schools should assure that the classroom is structure and that education come first for students to be successful. Education is the main focus for students and vital for their future but sometime bulling stops learning from taking place. The school system needs to come up with a system that will stop bulling from happen. A lot of schools are coming up with an anit-bullying programs which should prevent students from being bullies. Research indicates that 15% to 20% of bullying happen on the school campus. (Shores 40). Bully occurs in many ways when it comes to boys, they are more likely to attack one another in fighting while girls bullying occurs through rumors about each other. When this happen, students are sometimes rejected(shore41). I feel the cause of

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