Psy 101 Introduction to Psychology Corporal Punishment

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Corporal Punishment PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology Is corporal punishment needed to discipline children? Some would argue that corporal punishment is needed to discipline child where others will argue that it is not needed. Forty years ago it was acceptable to punish your child as you saw fit. The problem became that some would take this punishment to a whole other level and hurt the child. Punishing your child for their bad behavior should never cause them physical or mental damage. So what is corporal punishment? How does it affect our children? Is corporal punishment a good or bad thing? If corporal punishment is so bad why did they allow it to continue for so many years? Are children that were punished affected from the punishment and now suffer untold damage as adults. We will answer these questions in this paper. Corporal punishment to some extent is needed to discipline a child in my opinion. Not so much so that they are physically or mentally hurt but a small swat on the rump to get their attention is necessary at times. I do not believe that schools should ever lay a hand on my child that should be left for the parents. If there is a major problem that was caused by my child I should be called to the school to handle that problem. “The fact that over 90% of Americans are spanked as children, and most are not violent, abusive, or criminal adults, contradicts an assertion that corporal punishment unilaterally will have negative effects on children” (Oas, 2010). So if a child is spanked and it does not make them a violent person, then why is it so bad for a parent to discipline their child? My research has shown that corporal punishment tends to lead the child to show signs of antisocial behavior. “the findings on the relation of corporal punishment to Antisocial Behavior show that the more corporal punishment experienced by the children in Year

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