Bullying In Canada

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Research shows that bullying is a very controversial subject that can be seen as a crime to some but not to others depending on the nature and severity of the bullying. It is a widespread problem that unfortunately most children have to go through at some point in their lives. Bullying is a conscious, wilful, deliberate, hostile and repeated behaviour by one or more people which is intended to harm others. What do people in today’s society really think of bullying? What can they do to help these victims? These are all questions that will eventually be answered through this research report. You will receive the facts of bullying, the different types there are, and statistics in Canada that are related to bullying. I personally believe bullying…show more content…
Bullying does not just affect the victim, inadvertently; it affects everyone the victim is associated with too. Bullying should be seen as a crime because it ruins the targets chances at a normal and happy childhood, which everyone is rightfully entitled to, it destroys children’s and adolescents self-esteem, puts them into a depression, they may stop attending school which will in turn lower their grades, and it can even lead to self-harm and suicide. Usually children look forward to making friends at school and playing games with others, but if a child is bullied, they then become an outcast and slowly start reproaching socializing with society. The ones who have been bullied are usually the more subdued and quiet children. They probably do not speak in class or in a group and usually tend to avoid team sports and activities because they do not want to be chosen last. Which I think is completely unfair do to the fact that no one should have to be afraid to go to school, that is one place they should feel safe going…show more content…
And for what, their hair, clothes or appearance? On average 30 percent of children get bullied daily whether it is at home, school, or on the playgrounds and at a local park. An estimated 160,000 children miss school every day due to fear of attack intimidation by other students. If one of those children that were getting bullied were yours would you not want the bullying to be stopped? A major total of 71 percent of children have reported that bullying is a problem at their school and 15 percent of all school absentees are directly related to bullying. Every month 282,000 secondary school students are physically attacked. “Bullycide” remains to be the leading cause of deaths of children 14 years of age and younger, while the numbers remain low they are indeed “creeping up”. Suicide rates among 10-14 year olds have increased by 50 percent in the past three decades and in 2005 270 ten to four-teen year old children killed themselves due to bullying, most by hanging. All of these statistics are too high and most are escalating every day, society has to put an end to this trend and

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