Is Spanking Right Or Wrong

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Is Spanking Correct or Wrong? When children are misbehaving it seems incredibly easy to discipline them by spanking. Nevertheless, the easy way out is not always the best approach, particularly when dealing with such an impressionable young mind. Hitting a younger, weaker human being is not justified, and it forms the idea that violence is an adequate approach to solving disagreements into the developing conscience of a child. Children need to be taught subtlety, not brutality. Hitting a child is never reasonable, no matter how much trouble they have caused. Reasons being, it might bring forth feelings of anger towards parents who struck them, it could make the child violent towards others, and it can also create a rebellious person.…show more content…
Spanking and other types of corporal punishment tend to make children rebel. In contrast to other corrective methods that will easily teach them a valuable lesson. Children don’t think prudently like adults do. However, they do have a sense of fairness which doesn’t help when punishment is being issued. For the reason that the child may realize that he or she is being mistreated and unloved when punished. It might seem that spanking children makes them afraid to repeat the aggression; nevertheless, it is more likely that they are afraid of the spanker. Psychologist Stephen Glenn states, “Spanking a child only causes resentment, sorrow and anger”. These particular feelings can lead children to have resentment towards their parents. As a parent it is much better to change a disciplinary method than have their children show remorse towards

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