Smacking Children Right Or Wrong

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To strike or slap with force using the open hand is the definition of smacking which is the issue that is being debated a lot amongst many people. The controversial issue is weather smacking children is morally right or wrong in the 21st century. Smacking children is an issue, which is very, complicated hence the reason why so many people have opinioned opinions on the issue. Some people are for smacking children as they feel hitting children allows discipline whereas other people feel that smacking children in an ineffective way of discipline and only teaches violence. Therefore In this essay I intend to put across both side of the arguments and then conclude with my own personnel opinion. Some people are against smacking children because the research evidence shown is overwhelming; smacking children is an ineffective way to manage children's behavior and damages their development. We have laws that protect adults from being assaulted by other adults however many people still believe that smacking children is a legal form of discipline. Is this therefore not ironic? As an adult can be protected by violence but a child does not have the same right. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child expresses that children should not be physically abused. Therefore a number of countries (Austria, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden) have already passed laws forbidding all forms of physical punishment of children whether at home or school. Therefore showing that they believe its wrong and things are beginning to change to protect children. Some people think that smacking a child teaches discipline but how does that work when smacking a child causes so many negative affects. Maybe the reason why so many people agree with smacking children is because they are not aware of the problems with smacking children. So what are the problems with smacking children? Well

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