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PSY 201-014 March 12, 2014 Option A Many people believe hitting your child in anyway is wrong and should not be done. They believe parents can find alternative ways to punish their children for their wrongdoings. I believe best way to get somebody to not do something is to give that person a reason to not do it again. Spanking is a perfect example of this concept. Spanking can be described as a form of positive punishment. Positive punishment is a form of B. F. Skinner’s theory of operant conditioning. Positive punishment does not mean a good punishment. The positive means you are adding something, which in the case of spanking, you are adding the pain someone receives from being spanked. When I was a kid my dad use to spank…show more content…
They tried taking away my TV, phone, and videogames but I would always end up getting into trouble again. On the other hand, when my dad spanked me I always hated it because I could never sit down for a couple hours after that. That addition of pain had a way bigger effect on me than taking away something. One of my personal experiences is when I was about 7 years old. I had just got out of the shower and my mom asked me if I washed my hair and I lied and told her I had when I never did. She found out I had lied and my dad stormed into the bathroom and spanked me and after that I always washed my hair. Now I do believe spanking should be done with a dried switch instead of a wet one or a hand because you can control a switch better than your hand because some adults may get carried…show more content…
If spanking shows no effect on my kids then I may start to take away their electronics because that is what society is so centered around today. If my kids are anything like me they will discover other things to do if their “toys” are taken away from them but with the added pain from spanking, kids will realize that its just not worth it. So I do believe spanking is a very effective was of punishing your kids if done correctly. I can see where parents frown upon spanking children because it can be see as abusing your kids but only if done incorrectly. A couple hits with a dry switch that only stings on impact will do the same effect if not more of one than using your hand. While there may be other ways that are more successful to punish your children than spanking, I believe it is one of the quickest ways that has worked on me and many others I

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