Spanking Persuasive Speech

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March 7, 2011 Spanking a Good Way to Teach and Discipline if Used in the Right Way Have you ever wondered how many people incarcerated today are there because the came from an abusive childhood? Have you ever thought about what how one’s life would be different if their parents would have taken the time to use effective discipline or just simply taken the time to explain to their kids what they are doing or did is wrong and therefore must be punished? It has been argued that spanking should be done away with. Some like myself believe when used properly and the parent has explained to the child; what he/she did was wrong spanking could be a very effective tool in not only raising your kids but disciplining them as well. Supports 1. If…show more content…
Too much spanking can be abusive physical, mental, emotional and psychological. 3. Spanking your child without telling your child what they did wrong can leave a child feeling unloved and unwanted. It has been said that too much spanking without proper discipline can lead to children being physically, emotionally, mentally, and psychologically abused over time. Spanking your child without telling your child what they did wrong or why they are being punished can leave a child feeling unloved and undeseable. Some parents have been known to torment their child for every little thing they have done wrong, instead of using spanking as a form of discipline. Parents that have not been properly taught by other parents before them on the proper way to spank, can spank their child too much and have a child becoming violent and non good person for the society. A spanking should be a last recur. A parent should first explain to their child what he/she did wrong. The parents should caution their child, if they follow to do this then they would receive a spanking. Only when the child ignores the cautions, that parent should spank. After the parent has finished, the parent needs to let the child know that he still loves him. Spanking a child while angry only defeats its purpose. If you are screaming and insulting your child then this is not a spanking, it is abuse. The child will not learn from the spanking and he or she may only end up hating you as a
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