Right To Spank Children

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Chyna As many as 90 percent of parents think it's OK to spank young children (Taylor, par.2) Spanking in definition is: an act of slapping on the buttocks as a punishment for children. Although this act may seem harmless in some perspectives, it could be interpreted as abuse and an unloving act out of anger. Even though a parent’s child is their responsibility and their business, I do not agree with them having the right to spank their children. It has been proved that spanking children at age 3 makes them more likely to become bullies by age 5(Taylor, par.2). Children may see this act as hatred, uncaring, and can cause a bit of confusion. In result the child would grow scared of the parent, never knowing when they may act again. More effective…show more content…
Incentives are a sort of payment for good behavior. For one you can use statements like “if you go clean your room and do your homework, I will take you out for_____ or I’ll give you______.” Simply fill in the blanks with things the child likes. altIncentives inspire a child to cooperate with the parent without them having to yell or spank them to enforce them to listen. Incentives can be as small as rewarding them with cookies or letting them go to their favorite store. Although it seems like one is bribing the child, soon they will be able to cooperate on their own. The reward would be unknown, and treated as a simple an act of kindness. In conclusion, spanking is an ugly way of punishing a child and a terrible attempt to get them to listen. Parents do not realize that they are modeling an aggressive response to misbehavior and so their children learn to use an aggressive response when they are frustrated (Rambsung). Once the child gets older, the child will learn to hide or lie about problems in order to avoid being hit resulting in the connection between the child and parent to be lost forever. Works Cited David, Rambsung. “Spankers and Non Spankers”. Family Relations. Spring 2002. Print. March 22, 2012 Taylor, Catherine.”Spanking and Kid’s Aggression: 3 Alternatives to Spanking”. US News 13, April 2003. Print. March 22, 2012 Tobin, Cathryn. “Alternatives to Spanking”. iVillage. October 22, 2002. Web. March 22,

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