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Spank No More: The Ways to Effectively Discipline A Child Child corporal punishment is an extremely popular form of punishment in American families today. Corporal punishment is a form of punishment that involves the deliberate infliction of pain as retribution for an offense or for the purpose of disciplining. Most parents resort to spanking their children for bad behavior and some parents simply feel that a good hard spanking is necessary and mostly harmless. Although corporal punishment may seem to be the easiest way to discipline a misbehaving child, it is not the most effective. There are a few more effective ways of discipline children without having to resort to corporal punishment. To begin, disciplining a children is one of the…show more content…
Corporal punishment can really have some negatives on children. In his article “Is There a Right Way to Discipline a Child,” Peter Chen stated that over 90% of American parents span their children. With corporal punishment not being the most effective way to discipline a child, it can cause many long-term negative effects on children. These effects include: increased anger, aggression, tolerance for violence, low-self esteem, depression, increased drug-use, lower scholastic achievement, depressed cognitive development, psychological illness, a deterioration of the child-parent relationship[, and a propensity to act violently toward others. Several studies since the mid-1950s and especially the late 1990s have indicated a significant link between the frequency of corporal punishment and tendencies for antisocial behavior, including the use of physical violence in dating and spousal relationship, in the child’s later adolescence and later adulthood. (Chih…show more content…
(fjh magazine) On an episode of Supernanny parents were advised to make behavior charts, or create token economies for rewards, answer questions with explanations, and encourage kids to accept and express their feelings. Instead of slapping, pinching, or spanking the children, the parents were told to practice time-outs and withholding desirables. Such discipline tends to be self-reinforcing, and part of a broader ecology of parenting. As a result, the children who experience it develop an “emerging sense of

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