Spanking Young Children

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Yesenia Duque CDEC 1354 Annotated Bibliography Article 1 Charles Fay PH.D, Helping Aggressive Toddlers and Preschoolers; Love and Logic Summary When a child is aggressive at an early age they can still be helped. When the parents don’t attend them the way they need then the child will continue in the negative behavior. The children will only get worse if the parent ignores them. Spanking doesn’t help the children’s behavior, what helps it the way the parents react to the children’s behavior. The love and warmth from a parent will show and let the child know that the parent cares about their will being and that they do notice the way that they act. They show that the punishment that they give the child hurts the parent more that the child, this is why spanking does not help the child’s behavior. Reaction According to this article toddlers can be taught at an early age that behavior is something that we have to show in a positive way. The younger we teach our children the less spanking we have to do. We have to show our limits and guide our children in positive behavior so that we can avoid spanking or any other form of corporate punishment. As to me, hitting or spanking our children is not the best way to influence them in being well behaved. They would behave better if we don’t spank them just punish them in other ways of talk to them. Article 2 Patti Bokony & Teri Patrick, Spanking: What the Experts Say ; TIPS 07-B1 Summary Spanking is a form of corporate punishment, as it may not be as harsh as punching, kicking or burning. It is still considered some form or child abuse. Parents are more likely to punish their children by spanking or hitting when they are upset or angry. Most parents that use this kind of punishments were most likely taught by their parents

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